Mehdi Algholipour

Developer, Programmer

Jolfa, IRI

[email protected]

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  • PHP
  • SQL
  • JavaScript
  • C/C++
  • C#
  • Java
  • LaTeX


  • English
  • Persian
  • Turkish

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University of Tabriz
2012 - 2017
Bachelor's Degree

Computer Science student at faculty of Mathematical Sciences of University of Tabriz, Tabriz, Iran.

The University of Tabriz is a public university located in Tabriz, East Azarbaijan with the fundamental aim of creating a center of excellence in higher education and research. It is one of the five high-ranked universities in Iran and one of the ten most selective universities in country. University of Tabriz is the second-oldest university in Iran after the University of Tehran, and has the second largest campus area in country which is the biggest academic institution in northwest of country. The university is also a member of the Caucasus University Association.

Bachelor of Science project about Distributed Computing under supervision of Dr. Habib Izadkhah.

Shahid Chamran
2008 - 2011
High School

Diploma in Mathematics & Physics, Shahid Chamran High School, Jolfa, Iran.

Honors & Awards

17th Place ACM-ICPC Tehran 2015
Sharif University of Technology
December 25, 2015

1st Place in 2nd Iranian ICPC Challenge
Sharif University of Technology
December, 2014

13th Place ACM-ICPC Tehran 2014
Sharif University of Technology
December 18-19, 2014

2nd Place in 1st Iranian ICPC Challenge
Sharif University of Technology
December, 2013

Honorable Mention in ACM-ICPC Tehran
Sharif University of Technology
December, 2013

Work Experience

Developer / MySwissGateway
Dec 2018 - Current

This project is somehow an IPG. You can make a payment with your credit/debit card (e.g. Master, Visa).

Core API Developer / Mogli
Aug 2018 - Current

THE SWISS FIN-TECH WALLET. A Payment and Remittance App.
I'm core API developer on this project. Also, this product has an Open-API for businesses who want to be merchant.

Core API Developer / MySwissWallet
Nov 2017 - Current

Store your documents, credit cards, account details in one safe Swiss vault, collect and make payments at the click of a button. I'm core API developer on this project.

Back-End Developer / TraWallet
May 2017 - Current

This is the first formal project that I've worked on it. I'm in back-end team.

Project Manager & Developer / TMSKIT ASP.net Version
Jun 2018 - Oct 2018

TMSKIT stands for: Transportation Management Solution Kit. On phase 2 of TMSKIT, we switched to Microsoft ASP.net MVC. I'm project manager and also developer on this.

Project Manager, Developer & Database Manager / TMSKIT SharePoint Version
Dec 2017 - Apr 2018

TMSKIT stands for: Transportation Management Solution Kit. On phase 1 of TMSKIT, we was working on Microsoft SharePoint for producing this product. After that out consumer's requirements has changed, we switched to ASP.net beside SharePoint. I'm project manager and also SharePoint expert & front-end developer on this.

Web Developer / eulerdev.ir
Aug 2013 - Current

I show my works & sample projects on it.

Developer / TTweetgram
Dec 2016 - Current

TTweetgram is a cross-platform tool that makes the user communicate with Twitter by his/her Telegram account. In other words, TTweetgram brings Twitter to Telegram. As my other projects, I developed this one for myself to have a easy and accessible connection to Twitter. I developed this bot with PHP using Telegram Bot API & Twitter REST APIs.

Front End Developer / graph.eulerdev.ir
May 2016

This tool developed with JavaScript in HTML <canvas> element, in order to help understanding Graph Theory simple concepts.

Developer / 2048 Desktop
Jul 2014 - Jun 2015

I developed this game because of my personal interest in original one. I spent many hours for playing it. So I decided to play it on PC.

I used C# for developing it, also I used PHP on server-side for get and submit players score and some other statistics.